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15″ MacBook (Air) rumor is gaining momentum, but we’ll have to be patient


Will Apple finally deliver a big-screen laptop that’s affordable? It could well be, according to several generally well-informed observers.

As early as 2021, journalist Mark Gurman claimed that Apple was considering a 15″ MacBook Air, while specifying that this slightly larger model (the current MacBook Air has a 13.3″ screen) was not continued. This rumor returned to the front of the stage yesterday with a statement from analyst Ross Young which goes in the same direction and which evokes a launch in 2023.

Today it is the turn of the essential Ming-Chi Kuo to bring his stone to the building. According to the analysta 15″ laptop is well in the works, but its mass production would not occur before the last quarter of 2023.

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Macbook Air M1

He adds that despite its larger screen, this machine could make do with the same 30W charger as the 13″ MacBook Air. However, this new laptop might not carry the “MacBook Air” branding, according to him. But then what could it be called? MacBook “just like”, as older generations were called? MacBook Studio? It would be a possibility since Apple has just inaugurated this brand for office equipment, but it does not doesn’t sit well with the alleged positioning of the new laptop, which would be “only” a larger, but not more powerful, MacBook Air.

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A 15″ MacBook Air has always been missing from Apple’s lineup for those who want a big screen but don’t need the power of a MacBook Pro. a screen larger than 13″ currently, you have to spend at least €2,249 for the 14″ MacBook Pro and no less than €2,749 for the 16″ MacBook Pro. The release of this supposed 15 “MacBook (Air) is apparently not planned before the end of 2023, its realization is not yet assured.

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