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1Password 8: the final version with mandatory subscription scheduled for April


The final version of 1Password 8 for Mac is fast approaching. A release candidate should be released in about two weeks and if all goes well the final version will be launched in the process, in April.

1Password 8

You can’t take anything away from AgileBits: the beta testing phase is taken seriously. Since August, there has been a series of pre-releases that fix bugs, add features and refine the application thanks to user feedback. At launch, this redesign should be as complete as 1Password 7, or even more with new features such as SSH key management. The SNCF would have done well to draw inspiration from it for SNCF Connect.

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However, there are two fundamental points on which AgileBits did not want to compromise despite the wrath of some of its customers: 1Password 8 is based on the Electron framework and requires a subscription to the service.

If the Electron framework is decried for its greediness in resources in particular, the publisher has made an effort to ensure that the performances are good. The application is fluid and it knows how to take advantage of the MacBook Pro’s ProMotion screen for scrolling at 120 fps (without excessive consumption). The true nature of the app, however, is apparent in some interface elements and in the Memory section of the macOS Activity Monitor.

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1Password 8: The Electron “Betrayal”

1Password 8: The Electron “Betrayal”

As for the mandatory subscription, the publisher makes a 50% discount on the first three years to pass the pill (an upgrade link must be present in 1Password 7). 1Password 8 will not allow you to synchronize your data with Dropbox, iCloud or Wi-Fi, or even use local safes. The 1Password subscription, which allows you to use the service on all your devices, costs $2.99/month for individuals or $4.99/month for the family plan.

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