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A new Mac mini hides in the Studio Display system


Steve Troughton-Smith broke down the Studio Display-integrated iOS variant and the developer made an interesting discovery : a new Mac, unknown to the battalion, is referenced there. Its model name is Macmini10,1, which leaves no doubt about its nature. The Mac mini M1 released at the end of 2020 is identified by the name Macmini9,1 and it then seems obvious that this would be his successor.

Screenshot Twitter.

The developer suggests that it would be a completely new generation built around the future Apple M2 chip, and not a variant of the current one built with an M1 Pro. But that’s all that can be determined from this code name, for the rest you have to bridge the gap with recent rumors. We know that a new Mac mini would be on the program and the main question remaining is its release date: for 2022 or 2023, as Ming-Chi Kuo recently suggested?

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If the Studio Display is already set to go with it, maybe this new Mac mini could come out sooner. Why not a presentation at the same time as the future MacBook Air M2? The chip being identical, it could be logical that Apple presents these two Macs at the same time. Speaking of which, Apple had registered new Macs in a database in the month of February and if the Mac Studio was one of them, there is still an unknown reference. Is it that new Mac mini?

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