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A new project to bring Windows to Apple Silicon Macs


M1 Macs have officially shelved Boot Camp Assistant, which allows you to install Windows on an Apple computer. Indeed, these new bikes run on the ARM architecture: it is therefore impossible to install an x86 version of the Microsoft OS, while the company does not (yet) market its dedicated version. It was without counting on a courageous developer, who took it into his head to bring Windows to Apple Silicon Macs.

Windows 10 ARM on a MacBook Air M1

The project builds on what has been accomplished by the developers of Asahi Linux, whose code is distributed freely. If they have already done part of the job, the challenge is ambitious. ” There’s still a lot of work to do, because Windows does some things differently than Linux, and there are things Asahi folks may overlook, but not me. », explains the author of the project @amarioguy.

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He points out that Apple’s SoCs have a very different architecture than standard ARM64 chips like those from Qualcomm or MediaTek. Apple, for example, uses a proprietary interrupt controller (Apple Interrupt Controller) which is not supported by the Windows ARM64 kernel. This is a major obstacle, because it is fundamental for the use of a multitasking OS.

If you are interested in the technical details and want to follow the project, the M1 Windows project has a website and a GitHub page with more information. No release date has been announced at this time, but the developer says he wants to ” everything possible to complete this project.

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