Home Technology A “purchased” VPN = a free anti-virus! 📍

A “purchased” VPN = a free anti-virus! 📍


Surfshark’s summer deal is here and it’s never been better. Until July 4, for any purchase of a 2-year standard VPN subscription, you will not only receive 2 months free, but also Surfshark Antivirus.

One of the best VPN providers around is Surfshark. Widely regarded as the best cheap VPN of 2022, it’s also a premium choice for those looking to maintain their privacy online. It now comes with Surfshark Antivirus, a software recently certified by Virus Bulletin that offers real-time protection for Windows and macOS users. But not only.

Surfshark: a VPN + Antivirus bundle not to be missed

In addition to securing your Internet connection with its VPN service, Surfshark is now able to protect your devices against online threats. The company has launched a new cybersecurity pack that contains particularly effective antivirus software, in addition to a data leak detection system called Surfshark Alert and a private search tool called Surfshark Search.

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Surfshark Antivirus provides users with protection for their devices against all malware, viruses and other rogue apps that can run without your permission. You can decide what gets scanned and when, customize and schedule scans to run whenever you want, and more.

Surfshark’s antivirus software also includes comprehensive and fast antivirus scanning options, as well as the ability to exclude certain files or folders. Meanwhile, Surfshark Antivirus, which is currently available for Android and Windows, provides real-time protection when opening files or using and installing apps.

Surfshark Search is a private, ad-free search engine developed by the provider. It promises to never track your search history or keep logs of your data, while preventing web trackers from spying on you and disrupting your browsing experience. It can also improve your search results with the ability to switch between multiple regions.

Finally, Surfshark Alert is a data leak detection system that notifies you in real time of any breach of your personal information. These include email accounts, passwords, credit cards, and even personal identification numbers.

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Surfshark: the number one VPN!

With a user-friendly interface, unlimited device connections, and industry-leading security features like WireGuard protocols, a kill switch, and stealth mode, Surfshark is among the most reliable and secure VPN services on the market.

The VPN software also brilliantly unblocks all major streaming platforms, like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video, through more than 3,200 servers in 95 countries.

To help its users stay protected online, Surfshark is offering its new package, including the other three protection tools, at a price of 65.21 euros. This includes 24 months of subscription and 2 additional months offered, or 2.39 euros per month only.

👉 The 26-month subscription to Surfshark at a low price and the antivirus offered, I’m going for it!

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