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A series of tools and modifications to live better with an old Mac


Jonathan Alland decided in 2019 that the path followed by macOS was no longer for him. Another would have opted for a different operating system, whether Windows or a Linux distro, but not this teacher developer who decided to stick with an older version of Mac OS X and no longer update his Mac. . A choice that quickly poses a problem, Apple is no longer there to fix bugs and maintain the system.

Nothing to discourage him and he offers on his site a whole collection of tools and patches for all those who, like him, prefer the old versions of the system dedicated to Macs. In particular, you will find three repaired widgets: weather, unit converter and translation. The original versions depend on APIs that have not been active since 2019 or 2020 and these alternatives rely on other sources, such as the HERE API for weather or Deepl’s for translation. Each time, you have to create an account and enter keys to access the data.

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The three corrected widgets offered by the developer.

Another problem with operating systems that are no longer updated is that you can be stuck on a web browser that is too old. That’s why Jonathan Alland offers his own version of Chromium, the basis of Google’s web browser, with compatibility that dates back to OS X 10.7. Two other modules are provided to unlock HTTPS up to OS X 10.6 and also fix a vulnerability in Mail.

In another area, several tools are offered for audio and video. QuickTime 10.2, the latest version compatible with third-party plug-ins and therefore the ability to add third-party codecs, is provided for Mavericks. The developer also offers modified versions of QuickTime and Preview, so that these two apps can open recent formats: MKV and WebM for the first, HEIC, WebP and a few others for the second. Both apps are compatible with OS X 10.9.

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In the long list which also contains video game emulators, why not, there is also an update of emojis for OS X 10.9 and 10.9, with a more recent list than what Apple was offering at the time. And also fixes for Pages 9 on OS X 10.9 and a couple more things. If you’re using a Mac with an older version of Mac OS X, take a look at this page and you might just find what you’re looking for.

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