Home Technology A solution to use the Magic Mouse while charging… or almost

A solution to use the Magic Mouse while charging… or almost


If you’re asked what Apple’s worst design mistake is, chances are you’ll answer the built-in Lightning port under the Magic Mouse. Of course, you just have to wait a few minutes for the mouse to regain several hours of autonomy, but still, was it too much to ask to be able to recharge your mouse while using it?

Youtuber Unnecessary Inventions tackled the problem by making a small handmade accessory. Its plastic support raises the mouse just enough to connect an angled Lightning cable (which takes up much less height than a traditional cable) while not placing the laser sensor too far from the table. To roll the Magic Mouse, the accessory made with a 3D printer includes two balls on either side.

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The set is a thousand leagues from Apple aesthetics, but the Unnecessary Inventions solution allows you to connect a Lightning cable while moving the mouse. There is however a very small problem: when it is in charge, the Magic Mouse is not recognized by macOS. You can try it yourself by plugging it in and moving its cursor area to the corner of a table: when plugged in, the mouse no longer works. When it doesn’t want…

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