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A subscription to equipment would be in preparation at Apple 🆕


Paying for your iPhone or iPad not all at once but through a subscription is a project that Apple is working on and which could see the light of day by the end of the year or the beginning of the year. next year, according to Bloomberg. The principle would be to pay a certain amount each month to take advantage of your terminal, like the subscription services that we already know well with Apple One and in applications.

We imagine quite well that this hardware subscription could be provided with additional services, AppleCare coming immediately to mind, but why not also iCloud storage or even Apple One. It could even be a new formula of Apple One…

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The manufacturer has been around this idea for a while: there are already services like the iPhone Upgrade Program which allows you to change your iPhone every 12 months against a few tens of dollars paid each month (and AppleCare is integrated).

The new subscription would go further since it would be a question not only of the iPhone, but also of the iPad and other devices. It remains to be seen whether once again only American customers will be able to benefit from it, or whether this new formula will cross borders.

Update – Mark Gurman, the author of the indiscretion, gave some additional details on this formula of subscription to the equipment. The subscription would simply go through the user’s Apple account, in which the bank identifiers are already filled in.

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Subscription information could be managed through Apple account settings, from any device connected to the account or simply from a website. The formula would also be available when ordering from the Apple Store, the online version or in physical stores.

It would not be a credit repayable in 12 or 24 months, he assures, but a monthly amount whose amount will be determined according to the device chosen. Like the iPhone Upgrade Program, customers could upgrade to the new model when it becomes available.

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