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A trick to inspect the web code that hides in macOS System Preferences


Did you know that Apple uses web technologies for parts of macOS? Web views are indeed integrated into some native applications developed with AppKit, which means you don’t have to open a Safari window. If Apple makes sure to hide them as well as possible, they can still cause slowdowns and other display problems. On Monterey, it is possible to use the “Inspect element” function on the web views embedded in certain apps, and even in those of Apple such as System Preferences. What to learn a little more about how Apple engineers design these web views to give them the appearance of native windows built with macOS APIs.

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This new feature was highlighted by developer Jim Nielsen, who explained that he had fun observing the lines of code found in the tabs. Apple ID and Family Sharing. If there is nothing particularly surprising, it remains interesting to see how these web views justify the arrival of certain features in WebKit/Safari.

Nielsen believes that these changes could be used as an indicator of the advancement of new macOS. In other words, if things move on the Safari side and the teams make sure to standardize a specific feature, we can imagine that a novelty based on it should soon arrive on macOS.

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To unlock this function, you will have to go through the terminal and enter these two commands: defaults write NSGlobalDomain WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true and defaults write -g WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool YES. Then go to the System Preferences and right-click on a web page to see the “Inspect element” option.

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