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Adobe really doesn’t know what name to give to its social media content creation app


Adobe Express now benefits from a content planner to schedule the publication of its images and posts on social networks. Adobe what? An explanation is needed.

Adobe Express

In the beginning, in 2015, was Adobe Post, an application used to easily create visuals, flyers and other graphic compositions to share on social networks or with loved ones. A year later, in a reorganization of Adobe’s consumer applications, Adobe Post was renamed Spark Post. The app is then part of the more ambitious Spark range alongside Spark Video (formerly Adobe Voice, for creating slideshows with audio commentary) and Spark Page (formerly Adobe Slate, used to create web pages very simply ). In 2017, the publisher introduced paid features under an offer called Adobe Spark.

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At the end of 2021, the Spark Post application and the Adobe Spark offer are rebranded as Creative Cloud Express. But the Spark Video and Spark Page apps aren’t changing their names. End of the story ? No, to everyone’s surprise — at least mine — only five months after the rebranding Creative Cloud Express, here comes yet another brand change. Creative Cloud Express (both app and offer) is now called Adobe Express.

Adobe Post in 2015

Three name changes in six years, it had to be done. To sum up the procrastination, here is the succession of brands: Adobe Post -> Adobe Spark Post -> Creative Cloud Express -> Adobe Express.

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Adobe Express, the app, therefore allows you to create all kinds of illustrations to share on social networks or elsewhere. Adobe Express, the €11.99/month subscription aimed in particular at community managersincludes additional features for the Adobe Express app, as well as Spark Video, Spark Page, Photoshop Express, and Premiere Rush (the cross-platform video editing app).

Going back to the beginning of the article, following the acquisition of the specialized service ContentCal, Adobe integrated a publishing scheduling tool into Adobe Express. The community managers can plan the publication of their content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

See you in six months for the announcement of Spark Express?

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