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After training, G7 authorized the return of Model 3s to its taxi fleet


On December 11, 2021, a fatal accident involving a Parisian Model 3 taxi had led the G7 company to ban this Tesla model from its taxi fleet. The company then justified this ban as a precaution to determine whether it was a technical problem with these cars or driver error.

After a terrible accident, the G7 company removes Tesla from its taxi fleet πŸ†•

More than three months after the events, the conclusions of the judicial inquiry are still awaited, but the G7 company has decided to lift this ban and allow around thirty vehicles to return to the road. Contacted by Caradisiacthe company specified that there was a condition: the drivers who drive in Model 3 have undergone specific training.

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A Tesla Model S in the G7 fleet (G7 image).

G7 called in an independent expert who concluded that there was no inherent problem with the Model 3, which agrees with the opinion of Tesla who had analyzed the data recorded by the accident vehicle and concluded that there was no there was no technical failure. On the other hand, the expert judged that this ” is not a vehicle like the others and that the equipment of this car and the on-board technology require, in order to be perfectly mastered, training which alone can ensure a maximum level of safety “.

We do not know the exact content of this training, but we can imagine a summary of the functions related to Autopilot and active safety, very important in vehicles produced by Tesla. For example, did the driver involved in the accident know how to engage the emergency brake on his Model 3? The G7 company said the training emphasized the need to update cars, a feature of Teslas that can also help improve safety.

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Six months in Tesla: a computer on wheels, for better or for worse

Six months in Tesla: a computer on wheels, for better or for worse

This training was oddly only offered to Model 3 drivers, while there are other Tesla models in the G7 fleet, including many Model S, as pointed out Caradisiac. In 2007, the company launched a β€œG7 Green” offer made up of hybrids and electric vehicles, including Model S, the only sedan sold by Tesla until 2019 in France.

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