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AirBuddy: the application that manages AirPods like on iOS is full of new features


AirBuddy upgrades to version 2.5 and continues to improve. Launched in 2019, this application allows you to know the battery status of your AirPods on your Mac simply by opening the box near the computer, as you can already do on iPhone/iPad. The program hides in the menu bar and can also display information about the battery of other Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, but also mouse, keyboard, etc.).

The interface has been revised to better integrate with Monterey. Widgets are now easier to configure and update faster. The developer has updated its “Proximity Engine”, which allows the application to be up to 5x more responsive when approaching its AirPods to its Mac.

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A few practical new features have been integrated: for example, you can change the AirPods noise control mode directly from your Mac, even if they are connected to an iPhone. On Monterey, the app can now be used with some non-Apple or Beats headphones like the Sony WF and WH. Without a W1 or H1 chip, some features are missing but it is possible to pin them to the top of your device list for a quick connection.

The application is now compatible with Shortcuts. The developer explains that we can use it to connect and disconnect headphones or change their settings. We can even check if an update for AirPods is available! It has also revamped the settings menu offering more options, which will make it easier for users to customize the app and adapt it to their needs.

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Old AirBuddy features have also been improved. The protocol for exchanging accessories in one click (Magic Trackpad or Keyboard) between two Macs running the application has been revised and is now faster. Low battery or charged battery notifications are now more customizable.

This update is free for people who have already purchased AirBuddy 2.0. If you don’t already have it, the program is sold directly on the developer’s site for €10.49. It requires at least macOS Mojave.

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