Home Technology Apple and Meta Reportedly Delivered Confidential Information Following Bogus Urgent Requests

Apple and Meta Reportedly Delivered Confidential Information Following Bogus Urgent Requests


Apple and Meta reportedly provided confidential information to hackers posing as law enforcement officials, reports Bloomberg. User address, telephone number and IP address, these are the data that the two companies delivered in mid-2021 in response to bogus urgent requests.

Credit: Kevin Ku (Unsplash)

This information obtained improperly was then exploited in the context of harassment campaigns and to facilitate financial fraud. Platforms are required to provide private information when they receive a warrant signed by a judge, but urgent requests can do without.

Between July and December 2020, Apple received 1,162 such requests from 29 countries, and provided data in 93% of cases. There are safeguards: Apple may contact a supervisor or the agent who submitted the request for verification. The problem is that there are tens of thousands of agencies around the world that can forward urgent requests, there is no centralized system that would more efficiently verify the authenticity of documents (at Apple , they must be sent to a simple email address).

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Transparency report: the authorities' requests to

Transparency report: authorities’ requests to Apple still down

The hackers were convincing enough not to arouse the suspicions of Apple’s auditors. The requests came from official law enforcement email addresses (login credentials for these accounts are sold to the highest bidder on the dark web), and the documents appeared genuine.

The group behind this operation, the Recursion Team, no longer exists today. But some of its members would be part of Lapsus$, which is causing a lot of talk at the moment.

Data from

Apple data in latest Lapsus$ hack

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