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Apple Arcade’s creative director will take care of Disney’s metaverse


Apple Arcade’s creative director is flying to Disney. Mark Bozon announced the news on Twitter and leaves Cupertino after 12 years of good and loyal service. According to information from varietyDisney hired him to join the division “ Next Generation Storytelling », In other words, the metaverse of the group.

Mark Bozon joined Apple in 2010 and was a senior games executive at Cupertino. Prior to that, he worked as a freelance game designer and producer, and served as a Nintendo-focused writer for IGN. For this new adventure, he was hired by Mike White, a Disney veteran currently in charge of Mickey’s future metaverse.

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According variety, the former Apple will have to lead the creative vision of the group and turn it into tangible plans. His field of action will be wide since he will have to set up a team in connection with the video games, parks, toys, cinema and TV sections of Disney.

While Disney’s metaverse definition is still broad, the goal would be to provide customers with an interconnected experience. The strategy would focus on creating “ new canvases for storytelling and audience engagement including digital, physical and virtual experiences.

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