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Apple data in latest Lapsus$ hack


The Lapsus$ hacker group has claimed responsibility for a new intrusion into the servers of Globant, a software development company based in Luxembourg which counts among its customers some big names in the IT, banking and other sectors. Lapsus$’s Telegram channel announced the theft of some 70 GB of data siphoned from Globant.

The details are still meager, but according to security researcher Dominic Alvieri, there are among the victims of this new act of hacking BNP Paribas, DHL, Facebook or even Apple. Little more than speculation can be made at this time, but the name of the folder containing information about Apple refers to the Health app.

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Among the projects developed by Globant, there is indeed a partnership with Apple to develop an application that companies can use to track the physical activity of their employees, measured by the Apple Watch. Similar applications have existed for years with insurers, for example.

For the moment, it is impossible to say what exactly it is about and what this hack reveals as secrets – if there really are any. Lapsus$ has been making a lot of noise lately, the group has indeed attacked Microsoft, Nvidia or even Samsung.

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Bing! Microsoft in turn hacked by Lapsus$

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