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Apple declines the USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable in the colors of the MacBook Air


Rumors announced a rainbow of colors, but Apple did not make fantasies. The new MacBook Air adopts the sober hues of the Apple Watch Series 7, from space gray to eternal silver, passing through the subtly golden “starlight” and the vaguely bluish “midnight” black. A palette found on coordinated USB-C to Magsafe 3 cables.

The USB-C to Magsafe cable in the “midnight” colorway. Apple picture.

The new MacBook Air is not the portable iMac announced by rumor, or rather imagined by a few “influencers” in lack of clicks, but takes up the principle of a braided and colored power cable. If the MagSafe 3 socket is cut from the same aluminum as the computer chassis, the USB-C socket remains desperately white.

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The two meter cable is delivered with the machine, but also available separately at the price of 55 €. The 35 W dual-output USB-C power adapter, supplied with the ten-core graphics model, will also be available individually for €65. Like the MacBook Air, these accessories won’t ship until July.

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