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Apple puts opponent Alexei Navalny’s app back on the Russian App Store


Apple has released the “Навальный” (“Nalvalny”) application of supporters of Alexei Navalny for download on the App Store in Russia. The main opponent of Vladimir Putin, now imprisoned and who had been the subject of an attempted poisoning before his return to Russia.

This app, which remained accessible elsewhere and in particular in France, made it possible to discover the candidates opposed to the United Russia party of President Putin – during the last parliamentary elections – and capable of beating the Kremlin candidates. Apple and Google were pressured to remove this app from their stores and then complied. After the elections, Google had put the app back on its platform, while Apple only kept it available abroad.

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Russia: Apple gives in to pressure and removes the

Russia: Apple gives in to pressure and removes opponent Alexei Navalny’s app

This return is now effective and fresh, the app site still only offers a link to Google Play. contacted by washington post after the observation of this return, Apple did not comment. The creators of the app intend to use it again for the next regional elections this year… unless there is a new request for withdrawal.

Since the Russian government has tightened the screws on the media and platforms of expression since the invasion in Ukraine, the fate that will be reserved for this app can be questioned.

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Apple reacted in several ways after the outbreak of war against Ukraine. The App Store’s Search Ads program has been suspended in Russia, the Apple Store there has been temporarily closed, disputed borders in Maps have been restored and traffic information removed in Ukraine to protect civilians and media apps dependent on the Russian government have been withdrawn. Finally, as a collateral effect of the sanctions decided against banks, Apple Pay has been deactivated for the institutions concerned.

Russia plans to nationalize

Russia considers nationalizing Russian business of Apple and other Western companies

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