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Apple Store: delays are improving for a MacBook Pro M1 Max


The reception times for a MacBook Pro equipped with an M1 Max are finally improving. We are not yet at a fast delivery but there is undoubtedly the best.

During the score on March 8, choosing the 16″ MacBook Pro equipped with the M1 Max base gave a wait of 50 to 60 days! The range was released at the end of October, for the record. This period is reduced to a range of 29 to 37 days (April 13 to 21) for an order placed today. A big month in short.

When the M1 Max was taken as an option in a 14″ or in the 16″, the wait was even longer: 52 to 65 days. This time the delay oscillates between 37 and 42 days (April 21 to 26). The horizon for the month of May to receive its new machine has faded.

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At resellers the M1 Max remain difficult to obtain, with very rare exceptions with these configurations.

The announcement of the M1 Ultra chip for the Mac Studio, made up of an assembly of two M1 Max, therefore did not make the situation worse for laptops, on the contrary. It’s the turn of the Mac Studio in the “Ultra” version to experience significant delays: this ultimate configuration is only available between May 16 and 23. While the Studio M1 Max will arrive at its customers in about a month (April 6/13).

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