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Apple Store: Grand Central employees unionizing


Employees of the Apple Store in Grand Central in New York have begun the process of forming their union, which would make it the first in an Apple store in the United States. The organizers are calling on employees of this busy Apple store to join their union called Fruit Stand Workers United and affiliated with the national organization Workers United.

Apple Store in Grand Central, in the huge New York train station. Apple picture.

Apple tried to discourage the initiators from setting up their project, according to statements by them at the washington post. Without commenting on this allegation, the company argued that it was offering “very significant compensation for all employees, including health services, training reimbursements, new parental leave, paid family leave, equity compensation and many other benefits. »

Employees behind Fruit Stand Workers United say that despite the company’s phenomenal success, their wages have not kept up with inflation, and some complain of harsh working conditions. Apple’s salaries in its US stores are similar to those of other chain stores, but with a market valuation of $2.7 trillion and profits of $34 billion in the last quarter alone, Apple isn’t It’s not a company like any other.

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At least three other American Apple Stores are preparing the creation of a union. This movement comes in a global context of claiming workers’ rights in the United States with the formation of unions within Amazon, Starbucks and Activision-Blizzard, among other large companies.

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