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Apple Stores will be able to replace the Studio Display support, but only with one of the same type πŸ†•


Updated March 22 β€” We have obtained important clarification from sources in the Apple Store. Shops will be able to replace the Studio Display support, but only with one of the same type. Contrary to what is written MacRumors, it will not be possible to change the support for another different one. The replacement of the support will therefore only occur in the event that it is damaged. Choosing the right type of support when ordering is therefore indeed essential.

Original article published on March 21 β€” Studio Display customers must make two important decisions when ordering: they must choose the type of glass and the type of support. Apple warns that you have to choose your support carefully, because β€œthey are not interchangeable. Β» In reality, these integrated feet would be replaceable, but not by anyone. Apple Stores and Authorized Service Centers can perform the operation, according to MacRumors who consulted an internal document.

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In the foreground is the Studio Display with the adjustable tilt stand only. In the background, the height-adjustable stand.

A customer who ordered a Studio Display with the tilt-adjustable stand only and was unhappy with it could schedule an appointment to replace it with the height-adjustable stand, for example. According to MacRumorsreplacement price will vary depending on country, new foot and labor cost.

Support just tiltable on the left and additionally height adjustable on the right.

Apple gives three choices at time of order: adjustable tilt stand only (no extra charge); stand with adjustable inclination and height (460 € extra); and VESA mounting kit (at no extra cost), to hang the monitor on a VESA arm or stand.

iMac 27″ and Studio Display
iMac 24″, Studio Display and Studio Display with fully mounted stand

Be aware that the Studio Display is lower than the 27″ iMac, so it might be too low on many desks. If you think the $460 charge for the height-adjustable stand is a bit over the top β€” this is the price of certain complete monitors β€” there is always the good old technique of books under the foot…

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