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Apple Studio Display: stock at resellers, big delay at Apple


Major retailers have Studio Displays in stock with delivery times of just a few days or less. Quite the opposite of the Apple Store or the variations of the new device lead to a wait until June 24.

Models available do not include tilt adjustable foot and in height, only the one with the inclination in front of the user. On the other hand, we have an offer with the VESA kit and the choice between the two types of glass: standard and nano-textured (which absorbs or attenuates part of the reflections). Finally, the prices charged are those of Apple, there is nothing to compare with this criterion.

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Adjustable tilt leg and adjustable tilt and height leg.
Standard glass and nano-textured glass.




This is also an opportunity to recall that three weeks after the marketing of this screen, Apple has still not followed through on its promise of a software patch to improve the image quality of the webcam which, of its own confession, is not at the expected level.

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Apple Studio Display review: the teleworker’s 5K

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