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Apple would take a dim view of unionization in its stores


Like Amazon, Starbucks, McDonald’s and other large American companies, Apple seems to take a dim view of the unionization movement at work among its store employees. We saw this attempt in the Apple Store Grand Central, in New York, preceded by the filing of a union file by the Cumberland Mall store in Atlanta.

The Apple Store Cumberland Mall in Atlanta.

Apple wants to avoid the oil stain phenomenon: according to The Verge, the company would have called on the advice of the lawyers of the firm Littler Mendelson, who specialized in the anti-union fight. They already represent the management of Starbucks, without succeeding too much: the employees of 160 establishments have embarked on the process of voting to create a union.

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One of the tactics suggested by this cabinet is to organize mandatory meetings to denigrate trade unionism. An event of this kind would have been organized by Apple in New York, in order to discourage the inclinations of employees by scaring them.

The beautiful humanist speeches of Tim Cook and the fine words on social responsibility serenaded by the management of the company are no longer enough for employees at the bottom of the ladder. The United States is in full employment, which means employees can demand better working conditions. In addition, inflation continues to increase the cost of living, the pandemic has redefined the priorities of some employees… Under these conditions, unionization has resumed the hair of the beast, at Apple as elsewhere.

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An Apple spokesperson told The Verge that ” [l’entreprise] is lucky to have amazing members in the retail teams », and recalls « substantial compensation and benefits “for employees, ” including health care, tuition reimbursement, new parental leave, paid family leave, annual grants and many other benefits “.

Apple recently raised wages and improved working conditions at its US stores. But the company would like to avoid having an intermediary come between its social policy and the employees of its shops.

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