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Apple’s educational apps will be enriched with new functions


Apple has several new products in the pipeline for the education sector. In a press release, the manufacturer announced an update to the Classroom app that will allow teachers to schedule time-limited actions. For example, after 20 minutes of reading on iPad, students can take a break by opening another application, such as YouTube.

Classroom Application

In the Schoolwork application designed to manage their lessons, teachers will be able to add multimedia content to assignments and messages to students. These two new features currently in beta will be officially available during the spring.

Application For School

Administrators will also be entitled to something new in the coming weeks: Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager will support Google Workspace authentication services. This means for students that they will be able to sign in to their Managed Apple ID with their Google Workspace account.

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In addition, Apple is preparing the Apple Education Community, a new hub that will centralize resources for members of the educational community as well as a collaborative space to allow them to exchange ideas together. Opening scheduled for this fall.

Before that, Apple will launch the Apple Learning Coach in the United States, a learning program for people who advise teachers on technology, the idea being that they use the products and services as much as possible. from Apple. β€œFor example, after our coaching sessions, teachers used Clips to create videos with students”says Jessica Keller, a digital specialist who works at Berkeley County Schools. Clips therefore serves a purpose.

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