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Artificial intelligence: zero points!


Pomme d’avis is the section in which MacGeneration’s editorial staff shares its point of view on computer news. While even washing machines have had their dose of artificial intelligence for a few years, Jean-Baptiste is doubtful to say the least as to the real progress of these “intelligences” that live in computers.

To begin this article in the form of a mood post, I wanted to document a little about the history of artificial intelligence. I wanted to start with a catchphrase like “Fifty years, we’ve been drunk on artificial intelligence for fifty years”. And then I said to myself “why fifty rather than sixty or thirty, huh, first of all? »

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And that’s when I came across a document which just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary this summer, the Lighthill Report, an academic report which sent back to their labs all the researchers who – already at the time – bet on the capacity of computers to imitate the functioning of our brain, its neurons, even its psychology.

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