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Assassin’s Creed: this player achieves the feat of finishing 12 games without taking a single damage


Since 2007 and Assassin’s Creed on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Ubisoft invites us to discover the adventures of a line of assassins, from their eternal conflict with the Templars to their mysterious origins. After a reboot in 2017 with Originsthe franchise has taken a more dynamic direction, departing from the discretion of the first installments. And to honor the series, a fan has completed all 12 games without taking a single damage.

a record

For years, fans of the Souls series have been eager to confront its difficulties in many ways. In 2022, a new opus came to bring a breath of fresh air to the discipline: Elden Ring. A hundred bosses to face, a large bestiary, weapons, spells and incantations to master, even Elon Musk was seduced. However, rather than tackling the FromSoftware saga, a player named Hayete Bahadori decided to take on the Assassin’s Creed.

But rather than finishing games like a regular player, Bahadori preferred to finish them one by one without taking any damage. A major challenge given the amount of content displayed by the titles of the saga. Although the first games were more focused on stealth, since Origins, the license has taken a turn by including a good dose of combat. It is therefore necessary to parry or assassinate your enemies in an extremely effective way so as not to have to start the game again.

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And on April 11, Bahadori finally completed his quest to complete the franchise’s 12 main games without taking a single damage. The evidence is available to anyone, with all of his successful attempts available on his YouTube channel. A feat that will have required 7 months of his time all the same. A challenge that will have required that certain rules be established all the same. Thereby :

  • the health bar could not go below 100%, from the “first possible case [de] too bad until the end credits of the game”.
  • From Brotherhood to Syndicate, all levels had to be 100% synced (meaning all objectives were completed), with no reloads or restarts for an advantage.
  • All runs were played on the highest difficulty, starting with Origins (which is the first time the series has had difficulty modes).
  • No glitches should be used.
  • If an objective was missed, it was necessary to restart the whole game.
  • Developer-forced damage was not counted but listed in YouTube video descriptions.
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The challenge was started on October 16 with Assassin’s Creed first of the name. To celebrate his victory, Bahadori took the liberty of offering a personal ranking of the franchise, as well as winners for various categories. His favorite song is none other than Odysseyespecially because the developers do not force the player to take damage, when his least appreciated opus is none other than the first Assassin’s Creed, whose ill-conceived camera made parades difficult, even uncertain. Unity has, according to him, the best stealth gameplay, when Valhalla has the best combat sequences due to its more complex parry system. what about Syndicate ? Well, this is the game that required the most restarts due to too many bugs.

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