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At your service ! Apple Pay, alone in its closed kingdom


The Services business is Apple’s second largest revenue stream, behind the iPhone but ahead of the Mac, iPad and everything else. What to take a closer look and draw a comparison with the competition. What are Apple’s services worth? Today: Apple Pay.

In terms of services, Apple Pay is undoubtedly one of Apple’s greatest successes, and yet it is sometimes forgotten. The manufacturer’s mobile payment system is now present almost everywhere, in the pockets of consumers as well as in merchants.

The use of Apple Pay has become commonplace, even more so due to the health crisis which has favored contactless payment, even if it is the bank cards which have benefited the most from it. Among mobile payment solutions, Apple Pay was in the lead in 2020, both in France and in the United States.

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Apple Pay s

Apple Pay establishes itself in electronic wallets

However, the path has been strewn with pitfalls since the launch of Apple Pay in 2014. Banks, having sniffed out the danger of losing the relationship with their customers, launched counterfires that all more or less failed. Paylib, the 100% French solution, still exists but it lost several of its promoters in June 2020.

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