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At your service ! Fitness+ and News+, do the little extras make the difference?


The Services business is Apple’s second largest revenue stream, behind the iPhone but ahead of the Mac, iPad and everything else. What to take a closer look and draw a comparison with the competition. What are Apple’s services worth? Today: Fitness+ and News+.

Behind the big names that are Apple Music or iCloud, hide smaller services in which the manufacturer invests perhaps a little less, but which are nonetheless important. So make way for Apple Fitness+ and Apple News+!

During the March 2019 “It’s Show Time” keynote, Tim Cook presents Apple News+.

For Apple, these two services remain bets on the future. Apple seems to be betting relatively little on Apple News+, a press kiosk present in only four countries and which does not seem to arouse a lot of enthusiasm on the part of both publishers and the manufacturer. It’s more pleasing on the side of Fitness +, for which Apple has a real ambition. A brief staff review.

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At first glance, the arrival of Apple in the sector of video fitness courses may have surprised. But unlike Apple TV+ where many are still wondering about the added value that the manufacturer can bring to the production of TV series and films, Apple Fitness+ is ultimately a natural complement to the Apple Watch. Moreover, Apple offers three months of free subscription to any buyer of a new watch.

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