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Badges to identify good Chrome extensions


Chrome has been open to extensions since 2009, which allows Google’s browser to adapt to the slightest needs of its users. Popularity of Chrome helping, the store of extensions has a small side cour des miracles, there is a bit of everything and a lot of anything. That’s why Google has implemented a badge system to identify quality extensions.

Two badges have appeared on the Chrome Web Store. The first, called “Selection”, is awarded to extensions that adhere to the store’s best practices guide (use of the latest APIs, respect for confidentiality) and that offer a clear presentation sheet with a detailed description.

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The second badge recognizes publishers who have verified their identity and complied with Chrome Web Store policies. Developers have the option of getting the first badge, the second badge, or both like Instapaper.

Mozilla has also adopted this principle of badges for a few years for Firefox modules. The “Recommended” badge recognizes extensions that have adopted browser standards for security, functionality, and user experience.

On the Safari side, where the ecosystem of extensions is more modest despite recent compatibility with iOS, you have to go through a download from the App Store, which implies a minimum of security since the developers must have an account and review their apps by Apple.

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