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Battlefield 2042: after its disastrous launch, the FPS sacrifices this big game mode


Bad news for gamers Battlefield 2042, DICE decided to drop one of its game modes again. After the catastrophic launch of its FPS, the studio had to react. To win the hearts of players and prevent fans from deserting the game, DICE has undertaken a huge project, coming strengthen some of its modes while abandoning others…

A new sacrificed game mode

With the launch of the first season of Battlefield 2042DICE seems determined to repair the affront made to the famous license after the release of its last game. But this reconquest operation, recently launched by the developers, cannot succeed without making some sacrifices.

The studio intends to make improvements to its game, through several updates in particular. Next month, DICE will launch season 1 of Battlefield 2042. This will bring new contributions to the FPS, but will also mark the end of this game mode…

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The verdict is in, the “Hazard Zone” mode has officially been abandoned by the developers of Battlefield 2042. As a reminder, this game mode was to be one of the great novelties of this opus. Unfortunately, it will no longer be powered, although players can continue to experiment with it.

Abandon less popular modes

This decision to forgo monitoring of a game mode, at the expense of other improvements, recalls the announcement that was made a week earlier, which indicated the abandonment of the “Breakthrough” mode at 128 days. DICE’s strategy is therefore rather clear. We must save the furniture at all costs putting aside the less unifying modes to focus only on the rest. On the blog intended to talk about the game, the team in charge of the game has also admitted:

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We all pinned great hopes on this new experience of Battlefieldbut we are the first to recognize that “Hazard Zone” did not find its place in Battlefield 2042 so it’s more beneficial to focus our energy on the other game modes you play the most.

The developers will not offer more new maps for this game mode. So, will the update brought by season 1 succeed in saving what is now left of the game? For the knowledge, it will have to wait until next june and all the novelties that this month has in store for us (new class and map, new weapons…).

To help you wait until then, we invite you to discover the identity of this cult FPS franchise which will soon return after almost a decade of absence.

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