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Breath of the Wild: this discovery once again proves Nintendo’s attention to detail


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Although it is over five years old, players continue to make new discoveries on a regular basis, much like this useful technique for humiliating the Lynels. And a new game secret has just been discovered. This one proves the attention to detail that Nintendo brings to its titles.

The answer is in your tablet

Those who have already played Breath of the Wild know that the kingdom of Hyrule is full of secrets, and that among them hide remembrance fragments allowing Link to recall events from before and during the Great Calamity. If players are not required to collect them during their adventure, these fragments of Link’s memory provide valuable details about the game’s story.

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That’s why most players, including you, are looking for them all over Hyrule. After you find 12 of these memories, you won’t be left with only to find the final memory. To help you do this, Impa will show you a photo indicating its location, that you are free to take a picture, or not, with your Sheikah tablet.

However, we prefer to warn you right away, the choice of whether or not to take a picture of this clue will change the course of events for you. In effect, the youtuber Bigotilyou proved in one of his last videos, that depending on whether you have a picture of this clue in your tablet, or not, a slightly different cutscene will trigger when Link finds the final memory. It’s not much, but we let you admire the result on video.

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If Link took a picture of the clue, the game will remember it and he will take out his tablet. If he didn’t, the cutscene will be shorter since Link won’t have to pull out his tablet. It’s only a small detail, but it shows the attention paid by Nintendo to this kind of element. And let it be said, this lets us predict very good things for the rest of the game, which is already the subject of many theories.

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