Home Technology Broadcom would like to acquire VMWare

Broadcom would like to acquire VMWare


Broadcom is in the process of negotiating an acquisition of VMWare, according to several American media. Since its failed 2018 bid to take over Qualcomm, the semiconductor giant has diversified its targets, snapping up software maker CA Technologies for $18.9 billion and Symantec’s security division for $18.9 billion. $10.7 billion.

Image Martijn Boer (public domain)

By acquiring VMWare, Broadcom would become a major player in virtualization solutions. After being part of Dell for a few years, VMWare became an independent company in 2021. Its majority shareholder nevertheless remains Michael Dell. The publisher’s market capitalization is around $40 billion, which means Broadcom could spend more to convince investors to sell.

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According to the New York Times and Bloombergthe talks have not yet ended and the operation is therefore not yet certain.

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