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Call of Duty: this cheater tries to prove his innocence and becomes the laughingstock of the Internet


On PC as on consoles, cheating is legion. Among the first victims, we obviously find the FPS. Shooting games like PUBG, Fortnite or call of duty and Battlefield are particularly targeted by cheaters, who spoil the experience of ordinary players. Only, it sometimes happens that the latter expose themselves live, like this American streamer.

when a cheater exposes himself

Last November, a streamer by the name of therealgiooo exposed himself live after suspicions of cheating. Rebelotte recently with, this time, a videographer named Kenji. This streamer, specialized in the license call of duty participated in an unofficial tournament on Vanguardthe latest installment in the franchise. Following this participation, and especially a particular gameplay, Kenji was suspected of cheating. To silence any accusations against him, the videographer decided to position a camera behind him, aiming at his screens, so that his detractors can see that his intention is pure.

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This was followed by a 2v2 game of Search and Destroy where Kenji and his teammate faced the players ImSasukee and iLuhvly. Emerging victorious, Kenji saw his victory contested by his opponents with the tournament organizer, namely Checkmate Gaming. The organizer was therefore quick to check Kenji’s recording to ensure that everything was in order. Only, a clip, quickly deleted by Kenji but saved by others, shows us large rectangles on his right screen, letting him know where his enemies are even when they’re behind walls.

GG’s Kenji CAUGHT 4K BOXES ON HIS MONITOR CAM! thank you @iLuhvly the hacker detective and @CallenDisplay! #HACKERDOWN #4K pic.twitter.com/GSfef7SShH

March 29, 2022

A “wallhack” as there is a slew of which there is no doubt: Kenji did indeed cheat. Following this discovery, Kenji was banned from Checkmate Gaming. Thanks to his previous participations, the streamer was able to collect the trifle of approximately 4000 dollars. But that’s not all. Kenji also received a permanent suspension from the College CoD League. His four teammates, who also represented Grand Canyon University, were disqualified:

“Kenji is permanently banned from the CCL. Grand Canyon University is disqualified for the remainder of the 2022 season and post-season. All GCU players listed below who competed alongside Kenji are banned until the start of the 2023 season and can return to competition in the 2023 season.”

A harsh decision that will eventually deter hesitant players from taking the plunge. FPS players know it, cheaters are a real nuisance. And in call of duty vanguard and Warzone, Activision Blizzard struggles to erect a sufficiently effective barrier to retain them. Its RICOCHET system didn’t last long and PC players’ games are regularly ruined by selfish players.

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