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Canalys: the Mac will show annual growth of 28.3% in 2021


Unsurprisingly, Mac sales did very well in 2021. According to Canalys figures, Apple is still comfortably seated in fourth place in the computer market. The podium does not move and consists of the behemoths Lenovo, HP and Dell. It is above all in terms of growth that Apple’s results impress, as the brand posts annual growth of 28.3% for its computers, against 14.6% for the entire market.

Figures: Canalys.

In the fourth quarter of 2021 and according to Canalys, Mac shipments increased by 9%. Apple shipped 28.95 million Macs in 2021 compared to 22.57 million in 2020. 7.81 million of them were shipped in the last quarter of 2021 alone. The new MacBook Pro M1 Pro and M1 Max are not surely no strangers to these very good scores.

In a context where teleworking is essential, computer tools are popular and it is surprisingly the classic desktop computer that is making a comeback. While laptop and tablet sales soared at the start of the pandemic, the Wall Street Journal notes that desktop computer sales are now on the rise. An IDC analyst believes that the component crisis is not for nothing: some manufacturers have focused on more cost-effective high-end laptops, making desktops a budget alternative.

The president of PCs at HP believes that with the pandemic, people now want to invest in real home offices, sometimes with dual display setups and accessories to be 100% productive. One analyst specifies that while some people have started teleworking with a laptop, there is still a need for long-term power. According to IDC data, shipments of desktop Macs increased 23% on the release of the iMac M1 before increasing 60% in the next three months. However, this general growth will eventually slow down: IDC announces a 10% drop in sales of desktop computers by 2025.

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