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“Can’t miss it”: the euphoria of the British before the jubilee of Elizabeth II


Never has a British sovereign worn the crown for so long. Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 70th anniversary on Thursday. On the program, four days of festivities with a military parade, aerial parade and salute from the Queen and the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. An event that some Britons would not have missed for anything in the world.

This Thursday marks the start of celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee which marks 70 years of reign. A historic event since no British sovereign has ever achieved such longevity on the throne. For the occasion, the British are entitled to four public holidays from this Thursday. Thousands of people are expected this Thursday in front of Buckingham Palace where “Salut aux Couleurs” (“Trooping the Color”) will take place, a large military parade that the queen has only missed once during her reign. Dozens of admirers have been camping outside the palace since Wednesday evening.

“We are proud to be British”

Along the mall, the main alley facing the palace, dozens of admirers of the monarchy dressed in the colors of the union jack have pitched their tents this night to be in the front row of the show. Among them, Janis and Linda two twins from the north of England who are camping for the first time for a royal event.

“We were supposed to come this time, it’s probably the last time we’ll see the queen, it’s going to be very special, it was impossible to miss it!”, says Janis. “We’re here because we’re proud to be British!” continues Linda. Two sisters imitated by this mother, accompanied by her daughter, present on the mall since 6 am this Thursday. “She deserves it for all the amazing things she has done for the country. I want to be able to tell my grandchildren I was here and show them pictures. It’s an amazing experience and it will never happen again in my life,” she notes.

Next to them Minerva, a regular at royal events, and her neighbor Sandra who are impatiently awaiting the passage of the queen in her carriage. “We have known that the queen, no matter who succeeds her, there will only ever be one queen, Queen Elizabeth, our queen,” Minerva said. “Yes after that it won’t be the same thing, so it’s very important to see that,” comments Sandra.

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“She has no flaws”

Others have traveled a very long journey to experience this special day, like Dorothée who came from Australia on purpose. “We have such respect for the queen. She has no flaws. She doesn’t do anything wrong. She’s so discreet,” she said.

The highlight of the show took place around 1:15 p.m. French time with the Queen’s salute on the Buckingham balcony.

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