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Champions League final: the anger of the incidents almost makes you forget the defeat


After the Champions League final, marred by incidents, Liverpool supporters returned to the United Kingdom, notably via the Gare du Nord in Paris. Europe 1 went there to try to understand what the feelings of the disappointed Saturday evening were.


The feeling of a party a little spoiled, Saturday, during the final of the Champions League. The English press, like the DailyMail, speaks of a night of chaos. At the Gare du Nord in Paris, the first Eurostars return to England with many Liverpool supporters. What is the feeling there? Saturday night’s incidents almost eclipse their club’s defeat and give way to a feeling of bitterness, even anger. Andy, suitcase in hand and Liverpool cap on his head, took two hours to enter the Stade de France.

Today, he is disillusioned. “It was chaos. I’ve never been to a European final like that. It was just the worst of the worst. It gave me a bad image of France”, he assures the microphone of Europe 1. “We paid hundreds of pounds to make this trip,” he continues, annoyed. “Maybe there was an understaffing, I don’t know, but fans trying to get in like that without tickets, it happens in every game, in every final. Why should it be different this time? “

“Very dangerous”

Others in the queue were very scared. Joe was with his son where supporters who returned without tickets were gassed by the police. “It was really very bad and very dangerous. It worried me a lot,” he says. “I’m just relieved that we’re all safe at the end of it.” He acknowledges “that it was a good decision to delay kick-off by half an hour, but the organization could have been better”.

Many even prefer not to talk about it so as not to stir up their disappointment further. In any case, this night of sport remains unforgettable, but will only leave its English supporters with bad memories, after the defeat of their team against Real Madrid.

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