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Coming out of standby (05/31): a MacBook Air M2 at WWDC, and a look back at the Pippin flop (1/3)


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We have never been so close to WWDC22, with the fireworks of announcements from Apple, for software of course, but also for hardware. All these novelties will certainly be successful, but not everything the Apple does will necessarily turn into assured cardboard. The proof with the Pippin, the defunct video game console on which we come back with Pierre Dandumont in the second part of the episode.

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Today Tuesday, May 31, wake up provides an update on the rumored MacBook Air M2 which may (or may not) be presented by Apple next Monday. We will also talk about the M2 and A16 chips which would not be the expected revolution. Finally, in a completely different genre, let’s travel the roads of the cities of France with Apple Maps cars!

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