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Contactless payment soon to be generalized and its ceiling increased


Using contactless to pay for purchases over 50 euros will gradually be possible thanks to the “Pin online” technique, a new payment validation system. The concept ? The gesture of contactless remains in force, but in some cases, it will be necessary to type the secret code without having to insert the card.

France on the way to a generalization of contactless payment… even beyond 50 euros. All this thanks to “Pin online”, a new payment validation system. For the moment, the option only exists in the Parisian taxis of the G7 company, but it should quickly become widespread. It will suffice to update the payment terminals of merchants, who already see more than two thirds of payments made by credit card, without contact.

The idea now will be to gain fluidity, as explained by Jean-Michel Chanavas, general delegate of the Mercatel merchants association: “The gesture is always contactless, but it may happen that on the occasion of contactless payments , we ask people to enter their secret code. It will be systematic beyond 50 euros and potentially, in some cases, below 50 euros.

France is catching up with its European neighbors

For France, it will be a way to catch up. The United Kingdom, Italy or Spain have already developed this possibility, which does not mean a drop in the level of security. You will always have to type in your secret code regularly. In addition, contactless does not generate more fraud than traditional payment by credit card.

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