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Covid-19: masks again mandatory in Apple Stores 😷


Even if the terrible news of the war in Ukraine drove out the Covid-19, we should not forget that the pandemic is still dragging on. According to figures from CovidTracker, the number of positive cases is also up 8% compared to last week. Since March 14, the authorities have lifted the obligation to wear a mask almost everywhere, although people can continue to wear them to protect themselves and others.

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This symbol of the epidemic will however come back in force in the Apple Store, starting tomorrow Wednesday April 6. The French management of Apple Retail has sent the message to its employees, who will therefore have to cover their mouths and noses again and compulsorily to avoid contamination. To enter the store, customers will also wear a mask which, if applicable, will be provided by the store. Today at Apple workshops are still available, but with masks.

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Apple is in fact renewing the sanitary device which had been the daily life of store employees for many months: the number of people will be limited, physical distancing is again relevant, as are regular disinfection operations. We have not yet reached the obligatory appointment, but according to our information, if the cases of contamination continue to increase, they could become obligatory again…

Eventually, maybe it will serve this Face ID identification function with a mask, inaugurated in iOS 15.4.

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