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Dark Souls: this player defeats all the bosses of the game only with excrement


Series Dark Souls always left freedom for players to choose how they wanted to defeat bosses. However, we are pretty sure that the developers at FromSoftware never thought that a gamer would one day defeat every boss in the game with just feces.

Droppings and nothing more

LilAggy is a speedrunner specializing in games from FromSoftware. Remember, approaching the exit ofElden Ring, the player had managed to circumvent the limits of a demo and had managed to discover a boss before everyone else. The speedrunner is also quite well known for his speed records established on the game Seikiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Recently, LilAggy finally embarked on a new challenge. The player has given himself the mission of defeat all the bosses of the first Dark Souls only using dung pies. In the end, it took him nearly seven and a half hours to finally achieve this feat.

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For the uninitiated, dung pies are projectiles present in the games Dark Souls since the start of the series. They inflict poisoning status to the target on which they are thrown, but also to the thrower himself. It is a relatively situational object, which, used wisely, can make it possible to defeat bosses (if you have a little time in front of you).

Dung pies can be unlimited obtainable in the game. Note, however, that LilAggy has offered some liberties, by taking advantage of bugs allowing him to contaminate all the bosses, even those who would have been immune to the poisonous stench of pies otherwise. If you love Souls-like speedrunner exploits, check out the story of this speedrunner who broke the world record by finishing Elden Ring at such crazy speed.

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