April 14, 2021
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Africa will be witnessing satellite imaging monitor and predict their electricity consumption

The satellites will be monitoring the utilization of electricity through the Electricity Consumption Prediction service under the e-GUIDE Initiative. This program will be available for ...
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The Department of Commerce is developing space traffic management strategies while anticipating financial support

The switch of the space traffic management duties from Space Force to an agency in the Department of Commerce is proceeding while Congress is working ...
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Summit County commissioners are thinking of local solar programs to achieve the renewable energy transition

Commissioners from Summit County have come with this concept whereby local solar programs can help them realize the transition to clean energy. Michael Wurzel, the ...
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Europe should also consider Energy Storage as they move towards Renewable Energy

According to a new Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables’ research, Europe’s renewable energy deployment misses on an important aspect. It is no secret that the ...
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Satellites will be mapping every stationary detail on Earth, including trees

The latest satellite imaging depicts tree canopies covering a colossal section of West Africa. This data proves that it would soon be plausible to locate ...
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Soyuz Crew comes back to Earth

Cassidy Chris, NASA astronaut, and cosmonauts Anatoli Ivanishim and Vagner Ivan landed on Earth on October 21. The three safely come back on Earth using ...
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