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David Lisnard: “The mayors of France are very mobilized” to help Ukrainian refugees


Faced with the influx of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion, it is necessary to organize their arrival in France and “do everything to welcome them well”, declared this Wednesday morning David Lisnard, president of the Association of Mayors of France, guest of Sonia Mabrouk. The mayor of Cannes (LR) pleads for “immediate integration” and congratulates the generosity of the French.

A “humanitarian disaster”. Nearly 25,000 Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in France after fleeing Russian bombardments in their country. According to David Lisnard, president of the Association of Mayors of France, there could be millions of displaced people in the coming weeks and months, hence the need to organize their reception in France as well as possible.

“We are used to welcoming refugees. In my city, which is a host city, we have seen Syrians and Iraqis recently, but there quantitatively, it is colossal. It has nothing to do. really be aware that it is happening on the European continent and already, we have identified 90,000 accommodation offers from individuals. So, we must do everything to welcome them well, “he said at the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk .

Facilitate administrative procedures

According to the mayor of Cannes (LR), many municipalities in France have taken initiatives. With the agreement of the prefecture, residence permits have already been issued to the refugees. “We enroll the children in school, we have translators. There is a large Ukrainian diaspora, so that helps us and there is a job exchange. What is striking is that these are only women and children and that women all want to work. There is immediate integration and what is needed is that it be accepted by the population”, he said.

However, David Lisnard does not wish to allocate social housing to refugees for the moment, so as not to create situations of rejection on the part of the French who are on the waiting list. He is counting on the generosity of the French and on the involvement of the mayors of France, “very mobilized”. “We find plenty of intermediate solutions with rental guarantee organizations in the private sector, we will look for vacant housing.”

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“An unworthy controversy”

Faced with the reproach of a reception with variable geometry between Ukrainian refugees and other Syrian or Afghan refugees, the president of the Association of mayors of France speaks of “unworthy controversy” and “false lawsuit” brought against France, host country “become cosmopolitan”. “We have a European country, it’s on our continent. There is a geographical proximity. It affects more, it’s obvious” he confided to Sonia Mabrouk.

According to the mayor, the emergency is above all the reception given the number of refugees who have fled Ukraine. More than 3.5 million people have been displaced since the fighting sparked by the invading Russian army, according to the UN count released on Tuesday.

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