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DearMob iPhone Manager: a solid backup and transfer tool for iOS 📍


DearMob iPhone Manager is software designed to enjoy a smoother and safer management experience on iOS. You can regularly back up your smartphone in case of a problem, transfer what you want and manage your files with complete peace of mind.

Is it time to get rid of iTunes and Finder to manage your iPhone? It’s possible ! If the native features seem insufficient to you, you can try DearMob iPhone Manager, a software that will allow you to enjoy more possibilities to manage your iPhone.

Learn how to better manage your iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager

If you use an iPhone, you know how frustrating iTunes and the Finder can be. The official option is to use iTunes, but Apple hasn’t necessarily gone all out on features, and using a third-party iPhone manager might be the only way around this problem.

As such, DearMob iPhone Manager is probably one of the most feature-rich management software out there.

For example, you can upload, preview and sync your photos between your PC or Mac in a flash, import and export photos by albums/types, convert HEIC format to JPG format, save music without the risk of losing Datas. The software supports ProRAW.

But the software does not stop there: it also allows you to transfer videos (up to 4K) to your Mac or Windows PC. You can even “basically” compress and convert your videos to different formats if needed, which is handy even unsupported video to MOV/MP4.

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-The software also manages your music: you can add non-iTunes music to your iPhone, export, add, edit or delete songs in bulk. Automatic conversion of your songs in OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV to MP3 / AAC is possible, as is creating a ringtone!

Finally, it allows you to manage your contacts from your PC, synchronize or merge those that you have in duplicate. Same thing for SMS that you can save and synchronize, photos and videos included, your ringtones, books in any digital format such as PDF, ePub, podcasts, etc.

Efficiently backup and manage your iPhone files

DearMob iPhone Manager also allows you to back up your entire iPhone, without any storage limit (unlike iCloud). You can add, move, modify, or delete files and documents on your iPhone or from your Mac without having to worry about it.

For example, you can back up complete or specific data (only applications, only some of them, etc.). You can finally password encrypt your data (you can learn more here.)

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The interface of the software is also quite easy to understand, unlike the sometimes a bit clunky interface of iTunes.

If needed, you can even install applications from sources other than the App Store (without jailbreak). You can even manage and edit individual app files.

Finally, know that one of the most interesting features of DearMob iPhone Manager is that you can use the application to make your iPhone a USB storage medium like any other and save any type of file, from any any format. This may not be new for Android users, but it is for iOS users.

Enjoy a discount on the full version of DearMob iPhone Manager!

At the moment, the lifetime license for 2 Macs (complete, without any usage limits) is €33.54 including tax (i.e. a reduction of 62% directly applied), which, for once, is really very interesting , since you will only have one bill to pay. The lifetime license for 3 to 5 Macs is €41.94 including VAT (a 63% reduction).

You have a 30 day money back guarantee and Paypal payment is possible.

👉 To effectively manage my iPhone, I try DearMob iPhone Manager!

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