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Deirdre O’Brien’s response to the unionization movement in the Apple Stores


Apple is not particularly excited about the unionization movement that is taking place in its network of stores in the United States. Deirdre O’Brien, vice-president of the retail and human resources, carries the company’s response: the leader spread the word on video to Apple Store employees, who would like a union to degrade the direct relationship between management and employees.

Deirdre O’Brien.

It’s your right to join a union “, she explains in this video intercepted by Bloombergbut it is also your right not to join “. ” And if you have to make a decision, I encourage you to consult widely around you so that you can understand what it means to work at Apple under a collective agreement. “.

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In the video, the vice-president explains that the relationship with store employees is based on a “ open, collaborative and direct engagement which I believe could fundamentally change if [les employés d’] a store was represented by a union “. She worries that this relationship will be undermined by an intermediary who does not have a ” deep understanding of the company.

She also highlights the fact that this intermediary could slow down “ our ability to make immediate and widespread changes to improve your experience “. Salaries were increased at the start of the year, as were certain benefits.

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Deirdre O’Brien unrolls there the anti-union argument that had leaked a few days ago. These are the same ones used by other big American companies like Starbucks and Amazon not particularly keen on unionization. Arguments dismantled by the unions and which do not hinder the desire of certain employees to regroup.

The arguments of

Apple’s arguments against unions in its stores

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