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Deportation of migrants to the United Kingdom: “Boris Johnson crashed”


A first flight chartered by the British government to deport migrants to Rwanda was scheduled for Tuesday evening. In extremis, it was canceled by the European Court of Human Rights. Our columnist Vincent Hervouët looks back on the failure of Boris Johnson and Brexit in terms of illegal immigration to the United Kingdom.


“The plane remained grounded and Boris Johnson crashed. The idea of ​​deporting illegal migrants to the Tropics is not his. Australia invented the detention camps in the islands of Papua -New Guinea. For years, it has systematically relegated and forgotten the undesirables who tried to land on its shores without a visa. Israel has done the same with 4,000 Sudanese and Eritreans, sent back to their continent, via Uganda and the Rwanda already In Europe, Denmark was the first to legislate to subcontract the problem of migrants to a third country.

The agreement signed in April with Rwanda was to show a recovery in hand

The methods differ, not the justification: to deter those who want to force the door. And by dissuading them, saving them from the mafias that enslave them or from the drowning that awaits them in the Pacific, the Mediterranean or the English Channel. Since the beginning of the year, a whole flotilla has transported more than 10,000 foreigners without proper papers to Dover. Since the beginning of the week, several hundred have landed on the shores of the United Kingdom. They are always more numerous and the impotence of the government always more shocking. None of them can obtain political asylum since they come from France, it is a safe country, whatever happens at the Stade de Saint Denis.

The end of the immigration undergone, one raises the drawbridge. London is no longer open-bar, newcomers will go to hell. The ‘economic development partnership’ signed with Rwanda in April offers a new promised land where those who disembark uninvited will be transferred willingly or by force. London touts Rwanda as ‘a country with a rapidly developing economy, recognized globally for its record in welcoming and integrating migrants’. It’s true: Rwandans know about refugees, they make millions by going to war in the Congo.

This was without taking into account the opposition of the judges

The government expected the revolt of right-thinking people. Priti Patel, the Minister of the Interior, herself of Indian origin, does not allow herself to be intimidated by NGOs, editorialists paid to be indignant, Labor who never disarms, lawyers for smugglers, etc. On the other hand, it is difficult to call Prince Charles a demagogue, who says he is dismayed. Delicate to argue with the Anglican Church which finds this policy immoral.

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Even more: impossible to pass over the heads of the judges. At first, justice validated the evictions. Not violating human rights, the appeals were dismissed. Despite this, individual disputes have gradually emptied the list of passengers who were to board yesterday. They were still 50 on Saturday. They were down to seven last night.

The plane was about to take off almost empty, when the European Court of Human Rights took an interim emergency measure to force London to postpone the deportation of an Iraqi until British justice had examined the legality of the project, verifying in particular that the Iraqi will have access to fair procedures in Rwanda. This is where Boris Johnson crashed. Brexit was supposed to protect the British from invaders and free them from this above-ground justice that claims to impose its ukases from Strasbourg or Luxembourg. That’s why they voted for divorce. In vain, Brexit does not dissuade either migrants or Europeans from stepping on their toes.”

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