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Diablo Immortal: he spends more than 15,000 euros to obtain this extremely rare object and ends up committing irreparable damage


Last June 2 came out Diablo Immortal. Announced in November 2018 by Blizzard, it is easily comparable to a Diablo III on mobiles, with different mechanics to justify the development time and above all, its online store. Any pretext is good there to get players to checkout, an observation that the Twitch streamer Quin69 wanted to denounce by paying nearly 16,000 dollars.

a hefty bill

For a few years now, Blizzard and Activision have been pushing gamers to empty their bank accounts to boost their profits and satisfy shareholders. Diablo Immortal is the apogee, with a particularly busy online store. Paid combat pass at two levels (classic and premium), various and varied game packs, abundant paid resources and above all, expensive advantages, Diablo Immortal has a particularly predatory online store.

A title that is difficult not to qualify as “pay to win”, paying so much makes it easier for players before giving them a definite advantage. An alarming observation for a game developed by Blizzard, a studio considered in the past as the flagship of video games. Priorities have changed and the New Zealand streamer Quin69 wanted to denounce this aspect of the game by… Spending several thousand dollars. During an expensive marathon that lasted more than two weeks, the Twitch streamer ended up spending a whopping 25,165.57 New Zealand dollars, or 15,966.17 US dollars or 15,159.24 euros.

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I can’t believe I just looted my first 5/5 gem and it only cost me $25,165.57 NZD

Thanks @Blizzard_Ent @DiabloImmortal for this authentic diablo experience. pic.twitter.com/jqf5AevZ7w

June 18, 2022

To get your hands on a 5-star gem, the obtaining of which is random, the streamer has equipped himself with legendary emblems for his ancestral faults. Hard-to-get emblems that can obviously be purchased in the shop. Count 160 eternal orbs (an in-game currency), for an emblem, and 0.99 euro for 60 orbs. Obviously, the more expensive the pack of orbs purchased, the more bonus orbs there are. Thus, the 7,200 orb pack can be obtained for €99.99. Quin69 then set about chaining rifts until he got a 5 star gem. A journey that will finally end on June 18, with a hefty bill: 25,165.57 New Zealand dollars spent.


financially comfortable, Quin69 wanted to take his money to carry out a substantial publicity stunt and denounce the morally justifiable practices of Diablo Immortal. The streamer thus seeks to dissuade players from putting their hands in their pockets, by showing them how much it is necessary to spend to obtain a 5-star gem. Especially since Diablo Immortal is made in such a way that characters can be equipped with five special gems, for a total of 5 5-star gems per character. A small calculation is then necessary to try to know how much the invoice would rise if a character of each class were equipped with 5 legendary gems.

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15,159.24 (number of euros spent by the streamer for a gem) x 5 (the number of special gems a character can equip) x6 (the number of classes: Barbarian, Sorcerer, Demon Hunter, Monk, Crusader and Necromancer) = €454,777.2, just that, in the event, of course, that each is obtained in the same way as that of the streamer. Rather than taking out a 25-year loan, Quin preferred to opt for such a significant solution: delete his character.

After spending tens of thousands of New Zealand dollars, the streamer therefore deleted his character, no more, no less, before uninstalling Diablo Immortal and insult the game for being what it is and Blizzard for having developed it. But before taking action, Quin69 used his hard-earned gem to upgrade a worthless gem. One last rant for this well-known streamer of hack’n slash enthusiasts who seeks here to dissuade as many people as possible, and in particular players likely to spend their money on this mobile game, from demonstrating to Blizzard that such a economic system is to be reiterated.

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