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Diablo: the game in free-to-play may actually cost you a lot


Released on June 2, Diablo Immortal looked like a free-to-play accessible. Unfortunately, it will actually put on the table a hell of a lot of money to take advantage of it.

the free-to-play and its model

If video games based on the model of the free-to-play do not require any prior expenditure for their acquisition, most, on the other hand, require a certain investment in order to progress more quickly, and thus obtain satisfaction. magic arena, Clash Royale, League of Legends… Everyone asks to put their hand in their pocket in order to see their character or their deck increase in value, via microtransactions, lootboxes or other combat passes.

Let’s talk today about Diablo Immortal, free-to-play released a few days ago on iOS and Android devices. Launched in part to make the huge community wait until the release of Diablo IV, the Blizzard game has already suffered several setbacks, and has stirred up the anger of players. Furthermore, it was banned in Belgium and the Netherlands because of lootboxes contained in the game, which are prohibited in these two countries.

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Diablo at the center of criticism

These lootboxes are also at the heart of the scandal. In fact, in order to advance one’s character, it is necessary to buy many lootboxes. Unfortunately, the legendary gems essential toupgrade of your character contained in these are distributed randomly, regardless of the price paid for the acquisition of the lootbox. This is therefore a major problem.

The Youtube channel Bellular News noted, and pointed the finger at the phenomenon. Indeed, it highlights in a video that it is impossible to obtain certain legendary gems without taking out the wallet. On the other hand, in order to increase his character to the maximum level, Youtube Bellular believes thatit takes about $110,000 to spend. A huge sum after several scandals around the lootboxes (Star Wars Battlefront II leading a little more than 4 years ago).

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Here is very bad news for gamers. A huge frustration for those who hoped to progress faster in the game and be rewarded for their purchases.

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