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Discover the new Nintendo Switch OLED Pokémon collector


Each time new Pokémon editions land, it’s a major event for the license, moreover we look forward to the games Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. In the latter, we will discover at the same time new little beasts, but also a game mode that will give even more content compared to Pokemon Arceus. To take advantage of it, you will have to wait until November 18.

A new Collector OLED Switch

In addition to two new games pokemon, Nintendo has decided to release a brand new Collector OLED switch with the image of this license and more particularly for the games Scarlet and Purple.

This new collector’s edition of the console is really very beautiful since it takes the colors of the next two games pokemon, i.e. scarlet and purple. This is especially played at the level of the joy-cons which are of these colors in addition to having the small logo of each of the editions as well as many others on the back. Even the cords of the controllers are colored and the back of the console is decorated with multiple designs. That’s not all, the dock features the silhouette of the new Pokémon with the same colors on the front and a quarter logo on the back.

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As a reminder, the Nintendo Switch OLED sports a screen 7 inch OLED against 6.2 inches for the classic version. It also features a sturdier kickstand that spans the full width of the console. This model is equipped with an integrated memory of 64 GB instead of 32 GB.

If you want to switch to the OLED model and in addition Collector, the Nintendo Switch OLED Pokémon Scarlet and Purple is priced at 359.99 euros with availability from next november 4but you can still pre-order it.

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