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Disinformation: a Gironde radio counters Russian propaganda


The war in Ukraine is the object of an information war. Moscow’s propaganda continues to grow. In Gironde, Radio For Peace International (RFPI) provides information on the Ukrainian conflict. She produces, with the contributions of exiled journalists, news flashes in Russian to tell what is really happening in Ukraine. Report from Europe 1.


In the ongoing war in Ukraine, information is a key issue. The Kremlin’s propaganda is growing day by day. The noose of propaganda continues to tighten. At the beginning of March, a law was voted in Russia, prohibiting the use of the words “invasion” or “war”. No question of doubting the government’s word either. Violators face up to 15 years in prison. But Russian civil society, and its diaspora, are mobilizing despite everything to provide sourced information on the war to Russian speakers.

Radio For Peace International (RFPI) is a radio that broadcasts on short waves throughout the planet. From now on, every week, she produces, with the contributions of exiled journalists, news flashes in Russian to tell what is really happening in Ukraine. These flashes are mounted and shaped in Gironde.

Countering Kremlin propaganda

“Our journalists are exiles. They have left Russia. They mainly talk about Russian propaganda. They dismantle lies and there in particular, they also talk about what is happening in Mariupol” explains the director of RFPI at the microphone Europe 1.

All the equipment is there to make radio: a small mixer, a nice microphone, headphones, a computer. In this village in the south of the Gironde, Sylvain Clament adds the jingles and edits these news flashes, broadcast on short waves by RFPI with bulletins in Russian to counter the propaganda and censorship imposed by Putin.

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Protected listeners

“We receive broadcasts from Russian journalists in exile, we edit them and then send them to the United States, to Florida, which broadcasts as far as Russia and Ukraine. We are not here to counter -propaganda. It’s 15-minute news flashes, three times a week. It’s not just Russian journalists, and that’s what’s interesting, there are Ukrainian, Chechen and Latvian journalists. there are in France, in London and the others, I would not say where, because they are hidden “details the director of the radio.

Journalists who talk about war and not about special operations like the Kremlin. And with shortwave broadcasting in Ukraine and Russia, listeners remain protected, anonymous, while an Internet connection would expose them to the risk of being tracked.

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