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DOFUS: this new event where everyone starts from scratch will make you want to play again


The fans of DOFUS generally appreciate being able to participate in new events. And the one we are going to talk to you about today will also allow you to start from scratch… Ideal for all those who had cut themselves off from the game, and who would like to resume.

Temporis VII, were you expecting it?

The Temporis VII trailerthe next game event DOFUS, has just been revealed. Here is Ankama’s description of it:

This summer, you will succumb to the call of nature, listen to the beast within you… AND GO ON THE HUNTING! Osamodas, father of all creatures on earth, under water and in the air, invites you to the event that brings together all DOFUS players, beginners and insiders: Temporis VII. Join a guild or create one with your friends, fight together with strategy and become real hunter-tamers! Choose your starting creature, make it more powerful and become the greatest bestiologist!

All Temporis servers of DOFUS last 2 months, and it may be two whole months of your life that you will spend playing, if the new event proposed by Ankama tempts you.

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Focus on osatopia, the new event to discover very soon

If you want to know more on Temporis VIIwe invite you to read the trailer below, before giving you further details.

As explained in the trailer above, “everyone starts this adventure from scratch. You have no excuse not to take up the challenge! Unless you are a wet pioulette?”. We do not yet have the exact date when this event will begin, but it is possible that it opens for the months of July and August, either during the school holiday periodsince we know that it will take place in the summer.

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Temporis servers generally attract fans of DOFUS in general, but also those who don’t want (or don’t have the time) to invest too much over an entire year, despite their love for the game. With a duration of only two months, this type of event should therefore attract people. Do you think you are in the game to become the greatest hunter-tamer there is? You can answer this question via our comments area ! And if you want to know everything about the creation of Ankama, and the game DOFUSyou can consult our previous file on this subject.

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