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Ecology: future Apple products will use “green” aluminum


Apple today announced that its green bonds, “green bonds” financing projects having a favorable effect on the environment, have helped to take off new technologies for manufacturing aluminum without direct carbon emissions. In a press release, Apple explains that the new iPhone SE will soon be made using this greener material. Apple bought its first batch of aluminum of this type in 2019. It reveals today that it was used for the production of 16-inch MacBook Pros. The company did not specify the number of units affected or which models specifically.

Picture: Apple.

This aluminum is the first to be manufactured on an industrial scale outside of a laboratory without creating direct emissions during the fusion process. Indeed, it creates oxygen instead of greenhouse gases. This breakthrough was achieved through an investment partnership between Apple, Alcoa, Rio Tinto and the governments of Canada and Quebec. Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment at Apple said:

At Apple, we’re committed to leaving the planet better than we found it, and our Green Bonds are an essential tool in advancing our environmental efforts. Our investments are advancing the cutting-edge technologies needed to reduce the carbon footprint of the materials we use, even as we move towards the exclusive use of recyclable and renewable materials in all of our products to conserve the planet’s finite resources. .

This is an important step for Apple: almost all of the brand’s products contain aluminum. At the same time, the company relies on recycled materials. Every model in the iPad line, as well as the latest MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini and Apple Watch are made with a 100% recycled aluminum casing.

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Apple buys its greener aluminum from ELYSIS. Picture: Apple.

The company also announced plans to build new infrastructure to capture excess thermal energy at its data center in Viborg, Denmark. This will be reused for the benefit of the city in the long term. In total, Apple has raised $4.7 billion from green bonds, which will serve to limit the impact of Apple on the environment. It aims for its entire production chain to be carbon neutral by 2030.

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